What is StratComm?

StratComm is the annual competition organized by the Communications and Media Arts Society of McMaster University. It aims to provide students with hands-on experience in developing a strategic communication plan for actual businesses, which they can add to their resume, list of experiences, and portfolio. StratComm gives students the opportunity to build their network and establish strong relationships with fellow peers, professors, guest speakers, and company representatives.

Why should you participate in the future?

Though registration is closed for the 2021/2022 season, we hope to see you applying next year! Here are the reasons this opportunity might be for you: 

  • Gain real-life experience in the field
  • It helps build and expand your network with profs, fellow students, and industry professionals
  • Working with students in your program 
  • Contributes to your portfolio 
  • It gives you an additional advantage in the job market
  • Enhances your overall skill set (e.g., communications, creativity, critical thinking, leadership, organization, teamwork and time management)
  • Develops your learning knowledge in advertising, communications, marketing, public relations, and multimedia

What is a Strategic Communications Plan? What are the practical aspects of it?

The central focus of the competition will be to develop a strategic communications plan in your small groups. These plans explain what will happen with the implementation of certain programs or campaigns in businesses, and how those goals will be accomplished. The plans often include a situation analysis, research, objectives, target audiences, key messaging, strategies, tactics, timelines, budgets and overall evaluations. As a student in Communication Studies, this would likely be something you would be able to apply when working for a company in the future. It will provide you with an important skill set that will be valuable as you continue to learn within the program! 

Quote from Ashlynn Labinaz, CMAS President

“StratComm was an invaluable experience that allowed me to gain hands-on experience in the communications field! The work I did during the competition directly helped me during my summer internship, not only with writing strategic communications plans but also with giving pitch presentations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to apply what you learn in class to real businesses and organizations!”