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Our society has witnessed an explosion of interest in the Internet and multimedia computing, and the ability to create and use information technology and multimedia has become invaluable.

Multimedia at McMaster is an innovative program, which examines computer-based works that integrate multiple media into an artistic whole. Students both study and create multimedia works that use audio, video, animation, and text in an informative and artistically interesting fashion.

Offered as a single or combined honours program at McMaster, multimedia allows students to unite new media computing knowledge with traditional arts and humanities subjects. As a multimedia student, you’ll learn how to use the latest multimedia technologies; study the effects of technology integration in the arts and humanities; consider the cultural theoretical and ethical issues of multimedia; create multimedia works; contribute to building new modes of digital representation; and apply multimedia to other areas of the arts and humanities.


Programs in Multimedia are administered by the Department of Communication Studies & Multimedia.

Skills & Potential Careers


  • Designing things for specific needs and individual expression
  • Producing multimedia content and media art
  • Collaborating in small and large multimedia teams
  • Working with new forms of media and media equipment
  • Creating new ways of consuming and producing media


  • Videographer
  • Communications Technology Teacher
  • Sound Designer
  • App Developer
  • Web/Graphic Designer
  • Documentary Filmmaker
  • Journalist
  • Project Manager
  • Archivist
  • Information Technology Manager