Step 1: Choose your program.

Interested in Communication Studies?

The Communication Studies program offers a large range of topics within the field of media and human communication. From understanding topics in public relations, law, social media, technology, activism, representation, multimedia, and more, this program helps students start off their careers on a strong path.

Interested in Media Arts?

The Media Arts program is made to help students advance their skills in the production and creation of media, while also crafting strong leaders. The program involves multimodal creation, including: video, audio, animation, digital games, web and graphic design, and coding. 

Interested in Communication Studies and Media Arts?

In the Faculty of Humanities, you have the opportunity to pair these two disciplines together, in a combined Communications and Media Arts major. While developing skills in communication theory and practices, there is also ample opportunity to advance your skills in the field of technology and multimedia. 

Step 2: Academic Requirements

Step 3: Check out our FAQ

Step 4: Review the Career Opportunities

Wondering what you can do with your degree? Check out the list below of future career opportunities after graduating from the Communications and Media Arts program.