Stratcomm 2022

Last Friday was a very exciting day for everyone here at the Communications and Media Arts Society: it was the first time we were able to hold our annual Stratcomm competition in-person since 2019. Stratcomm is a contest that gives teams of CMAS students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience solving strategic communications problems for real local businesses. During our in-person event, there were wonderful presentations for DHL, CUPE 3906 and Your Neighbourhood Pizza Company, all made by students! We want to send out a huge thank you to the faculty of Communication Studies and Media Arts for the generous prizes for our participants, as well as a thank you to Dr. Christina Baade, Dr. Terry Flynn and Dr. Alex Sévigny for judging the competition! The participants had such amazing ideas to bring forth to the local businesses, showcasing how well the faculty has prepared students for success in their careers. 

Congratulations Shaden Ahmed, Tracy Beazley Clark, Sama Elhansi, Nadia Singh, and Krisha Mehta! Make sure to check out our LinkedIn page to see images from last week’s final presentation round. We are so proud of how the event turned out and are so thankful to everyone that worked to put it together. 

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