Approaching the end of term

It is approaching that time of year again where it can feel like you’re starting to burn out! This is completely normal, and a lot of us students here at CMAS understand the struggle. Not only are you tasked with your weekly to-dos with school, but final projects and exams are just around the corner. This can be very overwhelming and stressful; trust me I know! However, now that I am in my third year I have a few pieces of advice. My first is to not let this time of year make you give up on doing those weekly readings, attending classes or tutorials, or even writing those final discussion posts. These things will help make the final stretch of exams go a lot smoother and might even help you with the content along the way. In Communications and Media Arts, engagement in course content is extremely important throughout the entire year. So, I know that this time of year can be difficult to get through, but just remember this is the final stretch. 

We would also like to send out a reminder to students entering fourth-year that seminar enrollment is just around the corner. If you think that you are eligible to be enrolled in a seminar and have not received a department email, make sure to ask your academic advisor. Seminars provide students with an excellent opportunity to thoroughly expand on and examine interesting topics in the department, so be sure to prepare for enrollment. Some of the courses include social activism and social media, international communication, and news analysis! I look forward to seeing some of you fourth-year students in seminar next year. 

To end off, remember that you got this!! This is the final stretch and all you can do is your best. Try to find that last bit of motivation to end off this year with a bang. If you need any support with classes or academic life, make sure to shoot us a message anytime.