New Courses for Winter 2022!

Every year the Communications and Media Arts society works hard to deliver a wide range of engaging courses for students to choose from. This year the department has stepped it up with new exciting additions to the course calendar. Three new courses have been developed in Media Arts, as well as three new additions to the Communication Studies undergraduate program. We here at CMAS wanted to make sure to spread the word about these exciting courses, many of which will be available in the Winter 2022 semester. 

So, what new courses can you enroll in for the winter term? The three courses offered are:

  • CMST 3WC3 World Cinemas: Critical Media Approaches

World Cinemas is a 3-unit course that explores a variety of important themes in order to critically engage with world cinema as a concept. The course taught by Dr. Dilyana Mincheva will help students understand cinema as a multinational system of communication while looking into important topics such as: globalization, colonialism, diaspora, genre, visual culture, industry, and more. 

  • CMST 3PM3 Public Memory, Media, and African Diaspora Studies

This course was developed in order to consider how public spaces and institutions interact with Black history and ongoing Black freedom struggles in Canada. The course will explore museums, protests, tourism, and important spaces where these topics are discussed. Created and taught by Dr. Lyndsey Beutin, this course will cover material including: Underground Railroad in Canada, BLM, #WetheNorth, and more. 

  • MEDIAART 3VA3 Video Art and Digital Cinema

Prof. Chris Myhr created this course to explore the relations between contemporary art and the moving image, with current movements in the field. Students will explore limitations in filmic production, and engage with digital cinema, ani-narrative approaches, audio, composite and hybrid/multi-channel video, and more. 


To learn more about any of the courses listed above visit the links below! We can’t wait to see some of you in classes next term.